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Inner Melbourne in the 1890’s

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Melbourne Inner

A Fascinating look at early Melbourne which shows some changes and many similarities between then and now.

Early Depiction of Australia

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This fine map from 1794 shows the limitations of the then current knowledge of the world. Australia is shown joined to Tasmania, and the shapes of many coastlines are inaccurate.

Australia in the 1890’s

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Detailed pre-federation map of Australia, excluding Tasmania. Published in 1893.

Cook’s Explorations of the Globe

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Cook World


World map produced by John Tallis in 1851 to celebrate the Explorations by Captain James Cook. The complete path of the three voyages throughout the World are shown.

Inner Sydney in the 1890’s

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Sydney Inner

The Sydney of 1897 is vastly different from today, with no harbour bridge and most modern suburbs as separate towns.

First World War Map

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WW1 20211

From Military History of the World War by C.R. Howland. This map was used to teach members of the US Army in the aftermath of the First World War. It shows an overview of the war in Europe and the Middle East. At this stage Australian troops had withdrawn from Gallipoli and were operating against the Turks in Palestine and the Germans in France.

Engraving of Early Pacific Exploration from 1683

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Exploration 222103

This very attractive engraving by Allain Mallet comes from the first French edition of ‘Description de l’Univers’. It illustrates Cocos Island (Tafahi), Traitors Island (Niuatoputapu) as well as Jacob le Maire and Willem Schouten, who  were the first Europeans to visit the Northern Tonga islands in 1616.

Africa in 1837

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Africa 106129

Shows Africa prior to extensive European Exploration or Colonialisation. Mt Kilimanjaro and Lake Victoria are yet to be discovered and the the only significant European settlements are the Cape Colony and French Algeria.

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